Two-sentence diary in English

またまた、性凝りもなく、英語で二行ダイアリーを再開してみる。 これが何度めなのかは、もー知らん。

辞書ひかず。英文のクオリティについては、原則気にせず。 「『二行ダイアリー』の定義はいかに?」とかも、あんまり気にしてはいけない。

2007-12-19 (Thu)

I found again it difficult to keep diary in English. But, Never give up!

2007-12-03 (Mon)

I'm going to re ... re(**n)start keeping two-sentence diary in English. Today is a good day to begin something on this Wiki site.

I've found in my pocket two pictures that my son wrote for me with crayon. They seem more cute when I see them in the office than at home.

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